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Getting up from your chair and taking short breaks when sitting for extended periods will allow the muscles and spine to decompress, thereby helping to prevent repetitive strain.  You should spend at least one minute up for every 20 minutes you spend sitting.

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Back Pain:

 Instant Info about Conditions, Therapies, Exercises, and Doctors who Treat Back Pain


At #1 Back Pain site our goal is to help you by bringing you the most current and reliable information about conditions which cause lower back, middle back and upper back pain.  We also offer Back pain advice and information about therapies that can relieve the pain, exercises that can stabilize the back, and doctors who will treat your specific condition


How to use this website:

With the help of health experts from a variety of fields, Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C. and Frank Mrazeck, D.C., have put together easily accessible information on many specific conditions that cause back pain.  Below you will be able to choose a condition that applies to your situation.  While some conditions, such as Fibromyalgia, may at times lead to more acute painful back conditions like muscle strains and sciatica, we encourage you to access any category  relevant for your situation presently, as well as what relates to any chronic condition you are regularly experiencing.  The end result of your search will bring you to a page that will give you detailed information on your condition, a list of therapies and products which support the back and/or relieve pain, and help deciding on the best type of health care for your needs.  

We would also like to keep you up to date on the latest products available for help with back pain, as well as any new research on the topic of back pain, through our regularly issued free newsletter. 

Choose a condition below:   


Arthritis of the Back
Bruising of Soft tissue
Disc Herniation
Facet Syndrome
Muscle Pull
Bruising of the Back
Muscle Tension of the Back
Muscle Spasm
Muscle Stiffness
Muscle Strain (Tearing)
Muscle Tension
Myofascial Pain Syndrome
Pinched Nerve
Piriformis Syndrome
Pregnancy Related Back Pain
Spinal Canal Stenosis
Sprain/Strain(Ligament/Muscle Tearing)
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction and pain

Vertebral Subluxation Complex 
Unknown Cause of Back pain


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Back pain may be an easy topic to research, but it is very difficult to find informative back pain sites that can be easily understood and put to effective use.  We hope you find this site to be useful in your search for answers.  Please email us if you have any feedback you would like to offer.

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